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Dynamic Load Management

RDC Charger supports power consumption (current draw) control to prevent circuit breaker tripping (overloading).
Overloading causes multiple high-energy appliances working at the same time, such as an oven, dishwasher, heat pump and EV charging.
RDC Charger monitors a current draw by appliances and in real time allocates (limits) available capacity allowing them to run without overloading.
NOTE: Power sensor must be mounted so that it can measure power & current on grid (power supply for home/facility).

Procedure to activate Dynamic Load Management is as follows:

  • Power sensor is detected. Add it to grid position (4)

  • Power sensor configured successfully (5)

  • HEMS Configurator → DLM, enter allowed current value of grid fuses (6)
  • make sure to configure correct phase order (7), otherwise dynamic load management may not work properly
  • select limiter priority for RDC Charger (8): no limiter, limit last (last to be limited), limit second, limit first (first to be limited)

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