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EV fleet

RDX charger supports connection of up to 8 RDX Chargers - EV fleet.
In such configuration only one RDX Charger (master) is in charge of other connected chargers (slave).
Master RDX Charger monitors:

  • current draw by other slave chargers and in real time allocates (limits) available capacity allowing them to charge without overloading,
  • data from slaves such as power, energy & settings and synchronize them with cloud service, therefore no need for extra IOT linker on slave RDX Charger.

Note: If there is no grid power sensor, master charger enables limiting of complete ev fleet by virtual grid power sensor.
:!: Only one RDX charger is master in ev fleet !

Procedure to set RDX Charger as slave is as follows:

  • RDX Charger → set Max current (1)
  • RDX Charger → enable “EVSE works as slave” (2) Master SN presents serial number of master charger, it will appear once connection is established.
  • RDX Charger → set current if connection with master is lost (3)
  • HEMS Configurator → settings → set static IP (it's recommended) (4)
  • HEMS Configurator → limiter → set “No limiter” for RDX Charger (5)

Procedure to set RDX Charger as master is as follows:

  • HEMS Configurator → settings → output column → select “EVSE RDX external” at desired position (1). Note that “EVSE inter.” is reserved and can't be changed!

  • HEMS Configurator → settings → enter name and select icon (2). Message “Error - device is not responding” may appear as IP address is not defined yet.

  • HEMS Configurator → limiter:
  • (3) enter allowed current value of grid fuses in case of connected grid power sensor, or max current limit of complete ev fleet if there is virtual grid active
  • (4) make sure to configure phase order for grid and RDX Chargers correct as dynamic load management may not work properly. Double check!
  • (5) select limiter priority for chargers: no limiter, limit last (last to be limited), limit second, limit first (first to be limited)

  • HEMS Configurator → IO mux → enter IP address of slave RDX Charger (6). Serial number (SN) will be listed automatically once connection is established.

  • HEMS Configurator → ev fleet:
    (7) master RDX Charger,
    (8) connected slave RDX Charger with enabled control by master (green tick) and
    (9) connected slave RDX Charger with disabled control (red X) → master can not control it! To enable control, run RDX Charger app on slave charger and enable “EVSE works as slave”.

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