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Power sensor adding

:!: Adding is supported one by one
:!: Before adding or removing power sensor via wireless WM-1 module, button Settings pageScan w-less dev. must be active!

  • Connect communication bus (to only one power sensor)
  • Only for PM1-E-D: Press and hold the push-button on the power sensor until it appears -SEt- on display
  • In HEMS Configurator power sensor should appear as a new device
  • Click on the add button next to the source or consumer to which sensor is measuring
  • Connect communication bus to the next power sensor and repeat procedure

Note: PM3-E-D also supports address change on its display.

Available addresses:

Address Power sensor position
149 Default (new PS) appears in field new device
150 Grid
154,155,156 Power plants
157,158 Battery storage
161..167 Consumers

Power sensor removing

  • Make sure the new device is empty (as on image above)
  • Only for PM1-E-D: Press the button on power sensor until -Set- appears on the display
  • In HEMS Configurator press del button next to the sensor
  • After a few seconds, the sensor should appear as a new device
  • The sensor can be removed or it can be assigned to another device

Without grid power sensor

  • SettingsVirtual grid PS is an option if no grid meter is used. Power, current and energy will be calculated from other power sensors.
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