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Heat pump

RDX charger supports monitoring and control of heat pump.

Monitoring consists of tracking power and electricity consumption in real time as well as storing measured data on cloud service.

Control depends on heat pump model if it supports control by an external device.

Note: Max 4 heat pumps are supported by RDX Charger.

Add a heat pump device by configurator:

  • settings page → column 'output' → select heat pump 1..4,
  • connect power sensor or define P nominal,
  • enter name and select icon.

Define control for heat pump: :!: check for heat pump control capabilities

  • io mux page → Heat pump control mode → select control modes,

Examples of settings for heat pump:
HP has 3 control channels (supports off, reduced power and increased power), then select as is for Heat pump 4,
HP has 2 control channels and is designed as SGRHP (Smart Grid Ready Heat Pump), select as is for Heat pump 1,
Control over WR-1 module installed between thermostat and heat pump, select as is for Heat pump 2.

Define WR-1 output function:

  • io mux page → wireless relay WR-1 output function → select HP channels,
  • to each WR module wired to heat pump,

Change heat pump control state:

:!: Possible states are those defined in Heat pump control modes

Heat pump output state
Increased + additional el.heater
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