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Power plant connection

The power plants can be connected to the grid in two ways:

serial with grid power sensor parallel with grid power sensor

When configuring the power plant, select

  • in: serial (internal) with grid power sensor
  • ex: parallel (external) with grid power sensor

Power plants are configured as internal by default.

Obtaining data (power, voltage, etc…) from power plants is possible in two ways:
1. adding power sensor to measure produced electricity
2. connecting PV inverter via Modbus TCP (for SolarEdge inverters only)

EVSE and PV inverter connection

Add inverter using configurator:

  • settings page → meter → select 'SolarEdge',

  • io mux page → Slave device IP address → IP address → set IP address of inverter (inverter must have static IP)

Setup Modbus TCP on Inverter side using SolarEdge SetApp:

  • Select Site Communication menu
    • RS485-1 → Protocol → SunSpec (Non-SE Logger)
    • RS485-1 → Device ID, enter address 1
    • Modbus TCP → Enable
    • set TCP port → 502

The TCP server idle time is 2 minutes. In order to leave the connection open, the request should be made within 2 minutes.
First, add inverter to Configurator, then setup Inverter by SetApp!

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