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BTMS IO expansion module

Model number: BM-LC
Mounting: DIN rail, 6M, 106 mm
Dimensions: 106×108×58 mm


  • Expansion for MC with additional digital inputs and outputs
  • Additional sensors (leak, gas) can be connected to inputs
  • Relay outputs can disconnect faulty string or turn on additional signaling in the event of an error on the string

Technical specification

Output power per relay
- incandescent / halogen 230V 1000 W
- halogen 12V with transformer 500 W
- LED with transformer or compact 500 W
Total power for all outputs together: 4000 W
Maximum switching voltage 250Vac
Dielectric strength output to output 400Vac
Maximum input cable length: 50 m
Power supply: 24 V / max. 120 mA
Ingress protection: IP20
Operating temperature: 0..45 °C
Storage temperature: -20..75 °C
Relative humidity: 0..95 % n/c
Weight: 280g


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