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Code Description Quantity Note
Basic Required for basic functionality
BM-GW BTMS IOT Gateway 1 × BM-GW for up to 32 strings All strings of one UPS should be on the same BM-GW
BM-SS BTMS String master 1 × BM-SS for each string
BM-HS BTMS Hall sensor 1 × BM-HS for each string Choose the type based on the maximum string current
BM-CS BTMS Cell sensor 1 × BM-CS for each battery Choose 2, 6 or 12 V sensors depending on the battery voltage
BM-PS BTMS Power supply 1 × BM-PS for each BM-GW One power supply can power several devices, if there are fewer of them than allowed according to the specification. Checks against the total consumption of powered devices.
Optional Depending on requirements
BM-MC BTMS Master controller 1 × BM-MC for up to 32 strings Basically 1 per BM-GW
BM-LC BTMS IO expansion module 1 × BM-LC for up to 8 strings They require BM-MC
BM-TH BTMS Temperature and humidity sensor 1 × BM-TH for every string They require BM-MC
BM-GS BTMS Insulation monitoring sensor 1 × BM-GS for every string They require BM-MC
BM-HMI BTMS Human-Machine Interfaces 1 × BM-HMI for up to 32 strings They require BM-MC, 1 per BM-MC
BM-AG BTMS IOT Aggregator 1 × BM-AG per Data center Needed when there are multiple BM-GWs on the Data Center

System limitations

Device Supports up to
BM-AG unlimited BM-GW
BM-GW 32 × BM-SS, 1 × BM-MC
BM-MC 32 × BM-TH, 4 × BM-LC, 1 × BM-HMI
BM-SS 120 × BM-CS
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