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Temperature and humidity monitoring

The system is intended for monitoring temperatures and relative humidity in rack cabinets of data centers. Allows connection of up to 120 sensors to one controller. The number of controllers per system is practically unlimited.

HW and wiring

SW (TH-MC & Configurator)

Main page

1 New sensor
2 Sensor table - Select empty single cell to Assign new sensor to cell or select assigned cer to un-assign (only if new sensor is empty)
3 Statistics of all sensors.

Press [Assign] to assign new sensor to selected cell 001.

Press [Unassign] to move selected sensor 001 to New sensor.

Press [Clear Alarms] to clear alarms from selected cell.

Multiple cells can be selected.

Press [Clear error] to clear errors from selected cell.

Multiple cells can be selected.

Events list

MC put all events (sensors move and alarms) in FIFO list (100 events in total). On Configurator page Events last 25 events are shown.


System overview and settings.

1 System settings:
- MC serial number
- SW version
- MC Kernel version
Important for event logger
3 Permanent memory management:
Alarm settings are stored to permanent (EEPROM) memory
4 Alarm settings
Set to 0 to disable alarm or alarm clear functionality.
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