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BTMS Master controller

Order code: BM-MC
Mounting: DIN rail, 6M, 106 mm
Dimensions: 106×108×58 mm

Highlights & Features

  • Communication with temperature and humidity sensors
  • Additional digital inputs for connecting various sensors (leakage, gas,…)
  • Additional digital outputs for disconnecting strings with an error or for alarming
  • Supports up to:
    • 32 strings (BM-SS)
    • 4 Digital IO modules (BM-LC) with 8 DI and 8 DO each

Technical specification

Power supply Nominal 24 VDC
Range 18 .. 28 VDC
Power consumption Typical 150 mA
Max 280 mA
Digital outputs relay 8A/250VAC or 8A/30VDC resistive
Operating conditions 0..50°C, 0..85% rh non-condensing
Dimensions width 185 (110+2×37,5) mm
height 103 mm
depth 51 mm

LED indicators

PWR power supply OK
RUN run
program error
no kernel
hardware error
IEX2 IEX-2 modules communication status
COM1 BM-TP communication status
COM2 BM-SS communication status
Ethernet LAN communication status


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