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BTMS power supply

Model number: BM-PS
Mounting: DIN rail, 4M, 71mm
Dimensions: 91 x 71 x 55.6 mm

Highlights & Features

  • Suitable for parallel operation without extra components
  • Protection Class II, Double Isolation (No Earth connection is required)
  • Universal AC input voltage and full power up to 55°C
  • Power will not de-rate for the entire input voltage range
  • Efficiency > 88.0% @ 115Vac & 230Vac
  • NEC Class 2 / Limited Power Source (LPS) certified
  • Over-voltage / Overcurrent / Over Temperature Protections

Safety standards

CB Certified for worldwide use TUV to EN 60950-1, UL/cUL recognized to UL 60950-1 and CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1, CB scheme to IEC 60950-1, Limited Power Source (LPS)

Technical specification

Input voltage range 90 - 264 VAC
Output voltage 24 VDC
Output current 3.80 A
Input current < 1.50A @ 115Vac, < 1.00A @ 230Vac
Max Inrush Current (Cold Start) < 30A @ 115Vac, < 60A @ 230Vac
Operating temperature -25°C to +71°C
Storage temperature -25°C to +85°C


Dimensioning the power supply

When the total consumption of all modules powered by one power supply is greater than the capacity of the power supply, you need several power supplies that can be connected in parallel or you can arrange the power supplies in segments.

Module Max consumption
BM-AG 720 mA
BM-GW 720 mA
BM-MC 280 mA
BM-LC 120 mA
BM-SS 85 mA
BM-TH 20 mA
Module Max supply
BM-PS 3.80 A
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